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Welcome Weidel Referral Agents!

To place a Referral with a Weidel Agent or to find an agent in another location


Click  HERE  to download to your computer the Weidel Referral Corp Referral Form.   Email completed form to Relocation@Weidel.com.  If you have any questions, please contact Relocation Services at 609-737-1551 or email Relocation@weidel.com.  Thank you!


Referral Guidelines: Please be sure to read Policy & Guidelines  &   Building your Referral Business about the do’s and don’ts for Referral Agents and guidelines on how to place Referrals.  Thank you!

To pay your Annual Weidel Referral Corporation Participation Fee


NJ Referral Agents - Renewal of your NJ Referral Agent License is due this cycle.  Please follow Steps 1 & 2 below to renew license and pay fees.

Step 1:  Click HERE to complete the NJREC Required Licensing Renewal Questionnaire 

Step 2:   To pay your combined License Renewal  and WRC Fees of $225,  click HERE  (License Renewal Fee $100  plus WRC Fee $125)


PA Referral Agents - Please click below to pay your annual WRC participation fee.

Click HERE to pay the $125 WRC fee only.