Marketing & Technology

Weidel invests millions annually in advertising and on the Internet to maintain our market presence. In addition, our Public Relations Department keeps the Weidel name, and more importantly, our agents’ names in the forefront of our public. The Weidel Marketing Department’s philosophy is that “shelf positioning” benefits both Weidel and its Associates.

The Five Star Business Platform

Weidel has garnered national notoriety for our aggressive Five Star Business Platform. Unique to the industry and exclusive to Weidel, the revolutionary Five Star Sellers Marketing Platform has proven to be extremely attractive to sellers, allowing Weidel Associates to more easily secure listings. Real estate publications and real estate firms from around the country, as well as in Canada, have sought out Weidel to present our business model to a broad spectrum of company presidents, brokers and managers.

The Weidel “Redbook”

With Weidel’s in-house marketing accessories center, Sales Associates need only look to one location to “brand” themselves in the real estate market. You will find every item from business cards, signs, and personal marketing pieces, to hundreds of other promotional items. Available in each office (The Redbook) or on our Intranet (The Redbook Online).

Technological Advances

In order to compete in today’s real estate market; Sales Associates must be “tech savvy.” From the very first teletype system, the “Randomatic,” to today’s most advanced wireless connections, all the way through to our Web site, Weidel has always been a forerunner in technology.

  • Advanced office computers systems and software
  • A premier Web site with intranet and personal Agent Web sites
  • Web-based email
  • High quality copiers
  • Color & black and white laser printers
  • Fax machines
  • Advanced voicemail systems
  • High speed Internet connections, including wireless
  • Top Producer® contact management software
  • Marketing templates, Personalized Listing Presentation and Market Value Analysis on CD and office computers
  • MLS. accessibility and Wyldfyre® software in each office
  • Digital cameras in each office

In order to ensure maximum exposure to consumers and generate leads, Weidel has developed the most advanced agent Web sites. Unique URLs take consumers directly to the agent’s site Associates can “drive traffic” to their site by marketing their unique URL Consumers can search for Associate sites by any part of an Associate’s name.  Click Here to view the list of additional sites where you can find Weidel listings.

Weidel Associates also are afforded the luxury of a comprehensive Intranet site. No more running to the office to print forms, find information about corporate policies, or just information in general. Agents can work from the comfort of their own home, in the car, or just about anywhere.

  • Online office forms, as well as listing and sales agreements–it’s as easy as saving to your computer, filling in the blanks, and printing
  • Insider Online–Weidel’s corporate newsletter of company and office events, news, and achievements
  • Statistical analysis of trends in our market areas
  • Redbook Online (marketing accessories center)
  • WeidelPrint (elegant promotional pieces are offered through our on-line printing service. This user-friendly site helps you design personalized custom postcards, flyers, and brochures at very economical prices with free shipping right to your door in less than 48 hours.)