Corporate REO Division/Pre-Foreclosure/Foreclosure Re-sale Services

redhouseWeidel Real Estate full service capabilities include full spectrum asset management services.   Foreclosure properties are managed by an in-house foreclosure manager who serves as the ONE point of contact for all properties.  On behalf of the needs of  diverse financial organizations we market foreclosure properties and  offer one-stop complete services including counseling on the housing market, Broker’s BPO’s and market analysis, occupancy status within 24 hours of assignment, recommendations for repairs and improvements, obtain estimates, coordinate R&I’s and vendors invoices, as well as sale and closing procedures in accordance with YOUR COMPANY POLICY. 

We also provide consulting services to individual owners where foreclosure is imminent.
Our coverage area is New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Contact our Relocation Department to receive additional information about any of the properties found through the links below:

(800) 288-SOLD (288-7653)


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