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Real Estate Essential questions to find your ideal neighborhood When you’re house hunting, it’s natural to focus on a list of wants and needs for your ideal house, but what about finding your ideal neighborhood? Where you live can affect how happy you are in your new home and might just save you a lot of money down the road. So let’s talk about […]
Real Estate Why Getting Pre-Approved Is Crucial When Buying a Home When it gets to the point where there are more home buyers than homes on the market, the housing market is known as a “seller’s market.” Sellers gain more advantages in the process as buyers become more competitive when searching for a new home. In turn, buyers may have a more difficult time landing that […]
Real Estate 3 Tips for Planning Home Ownership in Retirement When you hear “planning for retirement,” you probably think about the financial preparation it will require to someday stop working. After all, you’ll lose the income from your job and will have to rely on retirement savings and maybe Social Security to pay the bills. That situation does require some planning. You have to figure […]
Real Estate 5 Steps to Take When Preparing a Home for Spring Selling Season The spring season is one of the most hectic times to sell or buy a home. As the weather begins to warm up families start looking for a place to settle before school starts in the fall. While sellers are also looking to make a hefty profit based on the latest marketing trends. If you’re […]
Real Estate How to Prepare Your Home for a Virtual Open House When you’re placing your home on the market, an open house can make all the difference in closing a sale. Hosting a virtual open house will allow you to showcase your home, even if buyers cannot visit the property in person. Prepare In Advance Proper planning before your virtual showing will ensure it goes as […]
Real Estate 4 Tip to Sell Your Home During the Winter Selling a house during the winter months is known for being notoriously difficult. As the snow starts to fall, most people lose interest in touring properties. However, even though selling a house in the winter season is harder, sometimes the circumstances or the right buyers might demand it. So, whether you need the money urgently […]
Real Estate Tips 8 Home Staging Tips for a Fast Sale in December Selling your home during the holidays can be tough, but it is far from the impossible task some make it out to be. If you need to sell your home and your timelines are tight, you should not let the calendar get in your way.   If you do plan to market your home during […]
Real Estate Tips Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays In the past, many would-be home sellers write off the holiday season, reasoning that no one has time to look for a house during this busy time of year. They put off selling their homes until after the first of the year, feeling that holidays and home sales do not go hand in hand.  Those […]
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