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Market News Weidel Real Estate Partners Testimonial Tree Weidel Real Estate is pleased to announce its latest strategic partnership with Testimonial Tree to help agents expand opportunities by automating buyer & seller satisfaction surveys, agent ratings, and reviews. Testimonial Tree is the leading online reputation management software that makes it easy for associates to collect authentic testimonials from happy customers and automatically share the best stories online to attract new […]
Market News Weidel Real Estate Partners With RealScout Announced this week, Weidel Real Estate and RealScout have partnered to create a digital home search platform like no other.    RealScout is a platform to find homes for real estate agents and clients. It allows leads, prospects, and clients to look for homes from an agent’s website. RealScout’s collaborative search platform features technology that puts […]
Home Decorating Trends To Expect in 2021: Real Estate Market, Decor, & Home Technology Despite everything that has happened in 2020 — the pandemic, protests, presidential election, debt, and mass rural migration — the 2021 general outlook on real estate is promising. The market has remained incredibly resilient, which leads to a few interesting trends in the year ahead. Here are the top 6 home trends that we have identified […]
Market News Real Estate Market Update: The Election’s Impact How will the outcome of the 2020 election affect the real estate and housing markets? Although there’s no simple answer to that question, much of Joe Biden’s proposed housing agenda is encouraging, with policies to increase the availability of affordable housing, raise homeownership levels, and provide aid to distressed renters. Yet, elements of his proposed […]
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