Buying Home for Your College Student – Factors to Consider If you are getting ready to put a student through college or already have one in higher education, no doubt you are looking at the staggering cost of room and board. On-campus housing is priced far above the value of those cubby-sized dorm rooms shared with assigned roommates. In fact, the only benefit is closeness […]
Buying 6 Tips for Buying a Second Home in Another State Buying a second home in another state is a lifelong dream for many people. Whether you are looking to buy an investment property, or you want to get that perfect vacation home on the lake, you are not alone if you are considering investing in real estate out-of-state. The spread of remote work has made […]
Buying Moving to Europe – Most Popular Cities You Need to Consider Have you always dreamed of eating croissants in Paris or feeling the sea salt spray on your face along the Portuguese coast? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn German, or you’ve wondered what Sweden actually looks like. Good news: with the recent rise in remote work and the global spread of the Internet, it’s become […]
Buying What are the Most Sought-After Places to Move to in the US? The global pandemic certainly had most Americans on the move. People had to ditch expensive cities like San Francisco and New York for suburbs or more affordable areas like Nashville, Phoenix, and Austin. However, as the health pandemic wanes, people are relocating again. Still, others are moving places as they permanently adopt the new work-from-home […]
Buying Should You Sell Your Home Before Finding a New One? There are various challenges to confront when selling a house. However, if the house in question is the one you’re currently living in, a major question you’ll need to answer is where will you go once the house is sold. In a perfect world, you’d be finalizing the sale of your home on the same […]
Buying Why Raw Land Investments Should Be Part of Your Overall Portfolio Whether you are retired and looking for a way to supplement your income or still working and saving for retirement, it is important to build a diversified portfolio. That diverse portfolio can include stable investments like stocks and bonds, as well as alternatives like gold and silver, but what about adding real estate to the […]
Buying Home Buyers Guide Weidel Real Estate buyers come from near and far. They are your friends with growing families, that need a bigger home, or your neighbors that need to down-size. Our buyers move across the county, state and country to relocate to our beautiful area. Buyers purchase more homes here because of job changes, city attractions, child […]
Buying Home Buying – Benefits Of Choosing Weidel How We Can Help You Buy A Home Whether it’s your first home or if you’re an experienced buyer, purchasing a home is a complex process. By working with us, you’ll find a home in the neighborhood where you want to live, one that fits your budget and meets your goals for features, quality and […]
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