Discover Our Professional Success Program

Training you won't get anywhere else

At Weidel, our primary focus is to help motivated people thrive. Through our four-part Professional Success Program (PSP), Weidel will provide you with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for a long-lasting, successful career in real estate. During this rigorous program, we go beyond basic training and delve into developing your competitive edge. The Weidel PSP focuses on accountability, prospecting, and listing production to ensure your greatest opportunity for success in the real estate industry.

Pro-Commitment: Outline of expectations and responsibilities - both yours and ours. By following the basic principles defined in the Professional Commitment, you and your Weidel Success Team will create a long-lasting partnership of success.

Pro-Onboarding: Logistical foundation needed to run your business smoothly. Partner with Weidel support staff to facilitate successful onboarding, ensuring both compliance and a solid foundation for building your business.

Pro- Academy:
Week-long foundational course about building a successful business in real estate. An intensive workshop that empowers you with the history, mindset, skills, and tools you need to become successful in real estate.

6-week accountability-based action plan designed to help you implement your technical and theoretical knowledge. Receive tailored guidance and support while actively working with buyers and sellers to begin earning income.

Weidel fosters an environment where motivated people can thrive. And we think that we're the best place to grow your career.

If you don’t think we delivered on our beliefs, you can earn 100% of your first commission.


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