Home Decorating Trends To Expect in 2021: Real Estate Market, Decor, & Home Technology Despite everything that has happened in 2020 — the pandemic, protests, presidential election, debt, and mass rural migration — the 2021 general outlook on real estate is promising. The market has remained incredibly resilient, which leads to a few interesting trends in the year ahead. Here are the top 6 home trends that we have identified […]
Market News Real Estate Market Update: The Election’s Impact How will the outcome of the 2020 election affect the real estate and housing markets? Although there’s no simple answer to that question, much of Joe Biden’s proposed housing agenda is encouraging, with policies to increase the availability of affordable housing, raise homeownership levels, and provide aid to distressed renters. Yet, elements of his proposed […]
Real Estate 4 Tip to Sell Your Home During the Winter Selling a house during the winter months is known for being notoriously difficult. As the snow starts to fall, most people lose interest in touring properties. However, even though selling a house in the winter season is harder, sometimes the circumstances or the right buyers might demand it. So, whether you need the money urgently […]
Real Estate Tips 8 Home Staging Tips for a Fast Sale in December Selling your home during the holidays can be tough, but it is far from the impossible task some make it out to be. If you need to sell your home and your timelines are tight, you should not let the calendar get in your way.   If you do plan to market your home during […]
Real Estate Tips Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays In the past, many would-be home sellers write off the holiday season, reasoning that no one has time to look for a house during this busy time of year. They put off selling their homes until after the first of the year, feeling that holidays and home sales do not go hand in hand.  Those […]
Real Estate Our Response To COVID-19 To Our Valued Clients, We appreciate you. Thank you for putting your trust in Weidel Real Estate as we guide you through the home buying and selling process during Covid-19. We know there is an overwhelming amount of information being circulated, so we will keep this brief. Now more than ever it is vital to […]
Home Decorating Increase Your Home’s Value With These Halloween Decor Tips With Halloween just around the corner, you may be ready to go all out with your seasonal decorations. But if you’re in the market to sell your home, don’t put up the pumpkins and witches just yet! Potential buyers can be finicky when it comes to seasonal decorations, and they may not paint your home […]
Real Estate Insuring your Home   Insuring your home is like making an investment in your future. You work hard to have a home and homeowners insurance protects you and your family from someone or something from taking it all away. There are many different forms of insurance:   Title Insurance Protects you in the event that the title on […]
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Real Estate Selling a Home It is the one thing that almost everyone does at one point in their lives – sells their home. This can be a very confusing time, filled with many questions and few answers. It is hard to understand all of the questions you may have about selling your home. Fortunately, Weidel can help. We have […]
Buying Home Buyers Guide Weidel Real Estate buyers come from near and far. They are your friends with growing families, that need a bigger home, or your neighbors that need to down-size. Our buyers move across the county, state and country to relocate to our beautiful area. Buyers purchase more homes here because of job changes, city attractions, child […]
Buying Home Buying – Benefits Of Choosing Weidel How We Can Help You Buy A Home Whether it’s your first home or if you’re an experienced buyer, purchasing a home is a complex process. By working with us, you’ll find a home in the neighborhood where you want to live, one that fits your budget and meets your goals for features, quality and […]
Real Estate Selling – Benefits Of Choosing Weidel How We Can Help Sell Your Home Helping find a buyer for your home is only one facet of a real estate professional’s job. There are many more aspects including explaining the basic real estate practices and principles and all the related paperwork, Performing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help determine your home’s value, […]
Real Estate 2020 Moving Check List Whether you’re moving out of your first home, moving into an apartment, or moving for the 10th time, you’ll definitely need this timeline checklist! Two Months Before Your Move Get moving quotes if you are planning on using a professional mover. If you need a rental truck for a “do-it-yourself-move,” contact a rental company:  U Haul  Allied […]
Real Estate Real Estate Glossary – Terms You Need To Know   The following is a guideline of real estate terminology used to rent, purchase or sell a property, as well as some financial and architectural terminology as it pertains to real estate.    Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)  Interest rates on this type of mortgage are periodically adjusted up or down monthly, semi-annually, annually, or can remain […]
Press Release Weidel Real Estate Welcomes Jessica Wortelmann (Pennington, NJ)  July 20, 2020 We are pleased to announce that Jessica Wortelmann has joined the Weidel Real Estate Brokerage team. She is our new Marketing & Business Development Manager. Jessica has worked several years as a marketing specialist and creative designer in the real estate and energy industries. She will be working closely to […]
Press Release Weidel Real Estate to Market New Construction Homes in Ewing NJ Weidel Real Estate is pleased to announce their new affiliation with TJC Companies!  Weidel Real Estate has been selected to market Stonegate at Braeburn, a new construction development in Ewing, NJ.   “Stonegate at Braeburn is the most affordably priced new single-family community in Mercer County and probably all of central NJ,” says Tim Jones, the owner of […]
Press Release WEIDEL HEATS UP THE MARKET WITH “RED HOT SALE” Home Sellers Offering Bonus Incentives Central, NJ – Weidel Real Estate is HOT, HOT, HOT!  Red hot that is, as they prepare for their company-wide, two-day “RED HOT SALE” of homes in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  Homes participating in this program can be previewed on Saturday and Sunday, Oct 19-20th, from 1 – 4 […]
Press Release Weidel Real Estate Welcomes Katherine Weidel (Pennington, NJ)  September 23, 2019 From the Desk of Richard A. Weidel, Jr, CEO of Weidel Real Estate: We are pleased to announce that my daughter, Katherine Weidel, is joining the Weidel Real Estate Brokerage team. She will be our Director of Corporate Operations, supporting the Sales team. I recognize the rarity of multi-generation companies […]
Press Release Congratulations to our 2018 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Winners! Weidel Real Estate is proud to recognize and congratulate associates who achieved the prestigious NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Award®.   Sales associates who earn recognition in this esteemed sales club are exhibiting their strong dedication to the needs of New Jersey’s buyers and sellers, demonstrating excellence in the field of salesmanship.  We are immensely proud […]
Press Release The Weidel Family of Companies Promote Judit Hendricks as Vice President and General Manager of Weidel Real Estate (Pennington, NJ)  December 1, 2018.  It is with great pleasure that we announce Judit Hendricks to the position of Vice President and General Manager of  Weidel Real Estate. Judit’s years of commitment and enthusiasm for perfecting the match of discerning client and property has shown her to be a leader in her field.   As part of […]