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Take Your Home Office Outside: 6 Ideas for a Freer and More Fun Work Environment

The home office has become a staple of daily life, with workers adapting their spare bedrooms, their laundry rooms, and even their closets into workable workspaces. Those home office ideas have been everywhere over the last couple of years, but now that things are heating up you might want to take your work outside instead.


One of the greatest parts of working at home is you can literally be anywhere. As long as you have access to reliable Wi-Fi and a good cell phone connection, you can stay in touch with the office even when you are chilling in your own backyard. Here are six great ideas for transforming your outdoor living space into a fully functional home office.


Transform Your Storage Shed

The shed in your backyard can do much more than store your shovels over the winter months and your snow blower during the summer. With a little bit of work and some smart décor, you can transform your humble storage shed into a luxurious office space.


Whether you banish your tools and gadgets to the basement or just commandeer part of the shed, this impromptu home office will be fun and versatile. Just keep the door open to enjoy the summer sunshine, or close it up to keep out the summer rain.


Grab the Gazebo

If you are looking for an outdoor office space that will make even the most stressful day better, you cannot go wrong with a gazebo. These garden mainstays are stylish, fun and attractive, with ample seating for you and your paperwork.


You may find you enjoy your gazebo office so much that you find yourself holding meetings there. Just think how shocked your cubicle-dwelling coworkers will be when you Zoom in from your gazebo. Your workday may never be the same again.


Turn Your Patio Table into a Laptop Stand

If you have a laptop with a long battery life, you can work in the great outdoors with nary a wall in sight. Whether you pair it with a soft comfy chair or your standard office chair, a patio table is the perfect choice for holding your laptop, phone, and other office essentials.


If you need some shade to make reading the screen easier while blocking out the harsh rays of the sun, you can simply use your patio umbrella. You will obviously have to head indoors when the weather turns threatening, but on sunny days the patio office is definitely the place to be.


Kick Back on Your Front Porch

To the neighbors, it looks like you are just hanging around and enjoying the abundant sunshine, but to your boss it definitely looks like you are working. If your Wi-Fi signal extends to the front porch, you can enjoy your home office experience without barriers or walls. If not, a Wi-Fi extender could make your dreams of an outdoor home office come true.


If you want to enjoy the great outdoors even on rainy days, you might want to screen in your front porch. That way you can work outside your home any time you like, no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.


Share the Sunroom

It may not technically be the outdoors, but kicking back in your sunroom sure feels like the real thing. If you are lucky enough to have a sunroom on your home, transforming it into a fully equipped home office is a no-brainer.


The great thing about working from the sunroom is you can enjoy the space even in the winter. As long as you have sufficient heating or a good space heater, you can enjoy your quasi-outdoor home office all year long.


One of the best things about working out of your home is that your office can be anywhere, and everywhere. If you want to move to a new home office, just roll your chair outdoors, set your laptop on the patio or enjoy the fresh air inside your gazebo. These outdoor office ideas are sure to make your workday a lot more fun, all without harming your productivity or putting your job in jeopardy.


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