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What Is Sustainable Design in Interior Design?

Consumer interest in sustainable interior design has been growing in recent years as people become aware of the toxic chemicals found in many home goods. Increasingly, people crave all-natural products and services they can feel good about using. When it comes to home renovations and interior design, this translates into demand for sustainable design. Get an overview of the principles of sustainable interior design and why it’s beneficial.


What is green interior design?

Sustainable or green interior design takes the principles of interior design to create a functional, safe, and attractive home and applies them not just to your immediate family but to the environment.

This style of interior design honors natural materials and avoids artificial products. It elevates artisan products and goods produced with fair labor over mass-produced merchandise that reflects questionable labor standards. Lastly, it cares about the earth and the carbon footprint of the home.


Diving deeper into these principles, sustainable interior design focuses on three things:

  • The health of people and the environment: When it comes to design, health means avoiding materials with a negative impact on human and planetary health. Traditional buildings have poor indoor air quality and a high level of environmental pollutants. Over time, poor air quality can cause lung infections, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Sustainable interior designers focus on making health-conscious choices when it comes to decor, furnishings, and paint. For example, they’ll suggest a paint that contains no volatile organic compounds and won’t off-gas for years after application.
  • Resource conservation: Design choices can conserve energy, lowering your heating and cooling bills. They can also conserve materials, reducing the amount of waste produced. Designers think with the future in mind and plan for flexible and adaptive use, when possible. This means including design pieces that have several potential uses, such as an ottoman with storage inside.
  • Waste reduction: Sustainable interior designers care deeply about the environmental impact of materials from the cradle to grave, or from manufacturing to end-of-life when you discard or donate the item. They’ll guide you toward responsible choices, such as a refurbished dining table or an Earth-friendly bamboo flooring.


How a green interior designer can help you

With the rise in remote work, many people are spending more time than ever in their homes. It’s no surprise that there is great interest in remodeling and redecorating; when you’re home all the time, you begin to think about new and better ways to use the space.

The pandemic led many people to care more deeply about their health, which has led to a great focus on environmental wellness and home as a place of healing.

Essentially, people want the services a green interior designer can offer, even if they’ve never heard the term before.

Designers recognize the harmful pollutants present in many home furnishings. They know better alternatives and are prepared to make recommendations that respect the style of your home. They can envision new uses for spaces or help partition an open-plan home to accommodate remote work and allow for greater privacy.

Green interior design is flexible, creative, and modern. It isn’t “earthy crunchy” or hippie. A designer can identify earth-friendly, fair-trade items that match your style of home decor and fit into your budget. They may even score tag sale finds and help you fix them up, giving new life to an old piece bought on the cheap!

If the idea of sustainable home design intrigues you, look for interior designers who use the words green or sustainable when discussing their work. Ask to see a portfolio of their residential designs; if you like their vision, they may be a good fit. Interior designers often allow several different levels of services, so you may be pleasantly surprised that interior design assistance is more affordable than you imagined.

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