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What are the Most Sought-After Places to Move to in the US?

The global pandemic certainly had most Americans on the move. People had to ditch expensive cities like San Francisco and New York for suburbs or more affordable areas like Nashville, Phoenix, and Austin. However, as the health pandemic wanes, people are relocating again. Still, others are moving places as they permanently adopt the new work-from-home lifestyle. The factors contributing to the rankings of the most sought-after places to live in the US include the job market, affordability, excellent schools, as well as population growth.

So, where are the best areas to move to?

Most Sought-After Places to Relocate in the US

1. Boston

The historic place is home to several schools, such as Boston University, Berklee College of Music, and Emerson College. Due to the high number of recent grads and job-seeking students, Boston is ranked one of the best cities to live for young professionals in America.

Apart from education, the town ranks highest in quality of life and safety. It also features many shops, restaurants, bars, and historical monuments.

Many US residents love the idea of moving to the heart of New England. It helps that the city offers a more competitive job market than much of the rest of the US.

2. Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne takes one of the top spots among the best places to move to in the US. One reason is due to its rapid population growth. According to US Census Bureau,” the Melbourne metro area grew by 8.14% due to net migration from 2016 to 2021.”

Melbourne also ranks as the most populous area in the US for “college readiness among high school students” according to U.S. News data of Best High Schools ranking.

This largest metro area in America is a global hub for fashion, finance, entertainment, etc. It is a widely recognized dream living area for many people, young and old. Despite the pandemic making life difficult for those living in densely populated parts of the country, people can’t help but see the city as the place to move to for job opportunities, nightlife, food, and sightseeing.

3. Washington, D.C.

The US capital is undoubtedly one of the best sought-after places to live, especially for young professionals, due to its job and business growth, employment rates, cost of living, and nightlife.

Washington ranks top among the most populous US metro area with strong points for college readiness and overall happiness among residents.

The political hub of America is also home to several historical monuments, attractions, culture, as well as museums. It features outdoor activities, including music festivals and farmers’ markets. It has a beautiful natural setting that entertains residents and attracts visitors alike. The 177 embassies result in diverse cultural and population opportunities, and distinct neighborhoods have varying personalities and flair.

With a rich history of the whole country embedded in the city, from the National Archives and the J.F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts to the Lincoln Memorial, there’s something for everyone.

It ranks as the most sought-after place to live based on the conventional aspects of its employment and job market, and quality of life.

4. Austin, Texas

After being in the top 5 for six consecutive years, Austin still falls among the best places to move to in 2022. The rising cost of living has made it less desirable, mainly due to the pandemic. However, Austin still has plenty to offer and continues to see long-term growth in population due to net migration.

The diverse city is best for families looking for job and business growth, good public schools, and several outdoor activities. It is home to various bars, restaurants, and large green spaces like Zilker Park, a popular area for swimming and picnicking.

Austin is also a famous cultural hub. It features a variety of film festivals, including South by Southwest and Austin City Limits, as well as music.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco is the number one best and most sought-after place to live in the US mainly due to its strong job market. The city follows Bay Area and San Jose as the third best area with the highest job market.

It also ranks top as one of the metro areas for desirability as the Victorian row houses and hilly streets captivate tourists and residents alike. The city boasts a place where tech innovators and free spirits thrive.

6. Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville has risen as one of the most sought-after places to live in the US thanks to its low cost of living and job market. It’s a winning combination for most people looking to move towns. This Alabama metro area is one of the most affordable places to live out of the country’s other most populous metro areas. It is home to several companies focused on technology, science, math, and engineering. Thus, contributing to a better average annual salary for the locals.

The city gets top points for being family-friendly due to its plentiful outdoor activities, good public schools, and affordable living costs.

It is home to a major attraction site, the US Space & Rocket Center. Residents and visitors can enjoy seeing replicas of rockets and learning more about outer space.

7. Columbia, South Carolina

The mix of suburban and urban life attracts many people to Columbia. The place is home to quaint neighborhoods and major attractions such as the South Carolina State Museum and the Riverbanks Zoo.

The city also gets top marks for its nightlife, likely due to the diverse student body at the University of South Carolina, which spends evening hours at the city’s restaurants and bars.

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is one of the most sought-after places to live for families and young professionals. It has a good employment rate, cost of living, several outdoor activities, and good public schools.

The city features many parks, lakes, and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden with eye-catching art, including the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry.

9. Portland, Oregon

Portland has a reputation for “20-minute neighborhoods,” where schools, shops, open spaces, and public transit are all within a 20-minute walk. It has over 300 miles of biking paths and ranks. This makes the city among the most desirable places to live with the healthiest environments.

Portland is famous for its independent businesses, quirky food, easy access to hiking trails, and nightlife options.

The city’s large LGBT population and low religious status result in high personal freedom and political stability. Nationals also enjoy a strong job market with high average annual salaries. Despite its reputation for being rainy, Portland records a high number of sunshine moments and warm average temperatures. And based on crime, sanitation, natural environment, housing, and public service, it’s ranked among the best places to retire.

10. Denver, Colorado

Denver is also considered one of the sought-after places to live based on affordability, job market, and quality of life. It has been ranked the best city for singles for many years and is among the fastest-growing cities in America.

The city is a top destination, especially for millennials who are attracted to the Rocky mountains with countless outdoor opportunities such as skiing, camping, kayaking, hiking, and the flourishing job market.

Denver has strong music, arts, and culture vibe, and neighborhoods are filled with bars, restaurants, and clubs. It also features a strong sports presence hosting Nuggets, Denver Broncos, Rockies, and Spurs.

Wrapping Up

Happy residents, affordable housing, a job market, and great schools are often the determining factors for people looking to relocate.

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