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Let’s Take a Town Tour of Flemington, New Jersey

Flemington is a town located in Hunterdon County in New Jersey, United States. The municipality is the county seat for Hunterdon County and has a mix of suburban and urban life. Most of Flemington, NJ, residents are young professionals and families. The majority of the residents rent their homes. Flemington is best known for pottery, cut glass, as well as outlet stores.


Flemington is located in New Jersey. The settlement is located at the center of Raritan Township. Flemington is located 84km from Jersey City, and one can reach the borough either by road, rail or air. If traveling from Jersey City by road, you can reach this town in about two hours. The train takes about one hour and twenty minutes.

The cheapest way to get to Flemington, NJ, is by train or bus. This costs about $29 to $46.


Flemington’s history dates back to the 1700s when the first occupants of the area arrived in Hunterdon County. These people were the Lenape Indians, a peaceful group who fished, hunted, and practiced agriculture.

Later on, in 1746, Samuel Fleming settled in the area with his brothers and built the first house in 1756. This house is now known as the Fleming Castle and serves as a museum.

As of 2019, Flemington was home to about 4608 people.

Things to See in Flemington

If you plan to visit Flemington, NJ, below are some of the attractions you can look forward to.

The Doric House 

Constructed in 1845 by Mahlon Fisher, The Doric House is one of the major attractions in Flemington. He constructed the house in the Greek Revival Style. He also aimed to make the house his private residence. Mahlon was a carpenter by profession, and the level of his expertise is visible by how he built this house which later became a significant tourist attraction in Flemington. 

However, the Doric House stands as an attraction because it was furnished in the Empire style, a style originating in France during Napoleon’s rule. Currently, Doric House serves as a museum, and visitors can tour it by booking an appointment.

Black River and Western Railroad

Nicknamed the moving museum, the Black River and Western Railroad is a heritage and freight railroad that began in 1854 to serve the residents of Hunterdon County. The railroad has undergone numerous renovations, but the original look and functionality remain the same. The staff at this moving museum aims to preserve railroad history as well as offer visitors a chance to experience old-fashioned steam railroading. Visitors get to view the magnificent countryside of Hunterdon County while on the train.

Fleming Castle Museum

We cannot list things to see in Flemington without mentioning the Fleming Castle Museum. Fleming Castle Museum is the oldest home in Flemington. The home was built in 1756 by Samuel Fleming, whom the town is named after. Samuel Fleming was the first person to settle in the area.

The house, which currently serves as a museum, features a colonial-style kitchen, tavern room, ladies’ parlor, as well as a couple of other features that depict the lifestyle at the time of its construction. 

Things to Do in Flemington

There are numerous fun activities for both visitors and residents in Flemington. Below are some of the activities that everyone can take part in.

Shop at Liberty Village Outlet Market 

If you love shopping, you will love Liberty Village Outlet Marketplace. The market has tons of stores selling numerous items from ladies’ clothes, shoes to home décor items. There are over 40 stores to shop from.

There are many brand outlets here, like Michael Kors, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, among others. 

Have Fun at Round Valley Recreation Area

If you’re visiting Flemington as a family, this is one of the ideal places for you. Located on more than 2000 acres, Round Valley Recreation Area offers numerous fun activities, such as swimming, scuba, horse riding, skin diving, picnic area, mountain biking, playground, as well as lots of food! 

This is an excellent location for nature lovers as it is close to one of the deepest lakes in New Jersey, which is home to 19 fish species. This recreation area is open during summer, which is between early April and the end of October.

Families also get to camp as the area has an allocated site for camping with fire rings, pit toilets, and drinking water within walking distance from the camping sites. You can also use boats or canoes to reach the camping grounds from the recreation area. Alternatively, you can take a three to six-mile hike from the recreation area. 

Visit Northlandz Miniature Wonderland

Northlandz Miniature Wonderland is a Guinness book of world record holder with more than a hundred trains. The wonderland is spread over a sixteen-acre piece of land and has an 8-mile-long railroad. 

The models showcase trains passing various scenic destinations in the United States. Besides this attractive railroad, the miniature wonderland also features a dollhouse with 94 rooms and an art gallery with contemporary art from all over the world. 

Visit Schaefer Farms

Schaefer Farms is a famous farm owned by the Schaefer family. The farm has been in operation for many generations, earning it a spot among Flemington’s top places to visit. Visitors can view the beautiful flowerings at the farm and the beautifully arranged hanging baskets, patio planters, as well as decorative bowls. 

The farm stand offers butter, milk, cheese, as well as eggs fresh from the farm. You can also get chips, jellies, candy, jams, local honey, ice cream, and other snacks here.

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