Local October 1, 2021

Let’s Take a Town Tour of Hamilton, New Jersey!

Hamilton is a township within the New York metropolitan area with a population of 87,065 residents. The charming historic township derives its name from the Hamilton Square Village, named after Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. It’s the 9th largest municipality in New Jersey. 


Centrally located in Mercer County, Hamilton Township is 62 miles or about an hour’s drive from New York City. It is also located 39 miles or 46 minutes from Philadelphia. Unlike most large townships, there’s no downtown Hamilton since it comprises five smaller commercial centers. Each of these settlements is an unincorporated community. 

Hamilton is only five miles or a 14 minutes drive from Trenton, New Jersey’s state capital. Due to its central location, Hamilton has an excellent transportation system comprising roads, a modern railway network, as well as public transportation. In fact, it’s the only municipality in New Jersey served by I-95 and its two auxiliary routes – the I-195 and I-295. 

Things to See in Hamilton

As is the case with historic towns, Hamilton Township is brimming with fun and exciting things to do. The best attractions are built around the town’s rich history. Catch a glimpse of the past as you enjoy its modern, contemporary offerings. Here are some of the popular attractions in Hamilton:  

Historic: John Abbot II House 

Nestled inside the Veteran’s park are the two historical sites that helped shape New Jersey’s political landscape. The John Abbot II House served as a secret hideaway for funds hidden from the British colonialists as they were advancing on Trenton in 1877. The house features a herbs garden, an old millstone, a doctor’s office, as well as an outhouse. Adjacent to the house is a Civil War Museum with a resplendent display of civil war weapons, uniforms, equipment, and Native American artifacts. Visitors can tour this historical site as well as soak up its rich offerings. 

Art Museum: Grounds for Sculpture 

Set on 42 landscaped acres, Grounds for Sculpture combines an expansive sculpture garden, museum, as well as an arboretum to create a beautiful intersection between art and nature. It was established in 1992 carries more than 300 contemporary sculptures from established and upcoming artists. 

Besides the expansive outdoor sculpture collection, eight indoor galleries feature seasonal exhibits from emerging artists. The former New Jersey State Fairground was repurposed to help educate the public to understand contemporary sculptures. The art museum offers educational programs and workshops all year round. These often include lectures from top minds, concerts, tours, as well as performances.

Marsh Trail: Tulpehaking Nature Center

Tulpehaking Nature Center is an educational facility inside the Abbott Marshlands, a 3,000-acre spread along the Delaware River. This is a diverse habitat with tidal and non-tidal swamps, marshes, woodlands, as well as ponds. It’s home to a diverse collection of plants and animals. 

The center holds exhibits and offers programs that encourage visitors to explore the freshwater marshlands’ rich historical, archeological, ecological, as well as cultural offerings. Visitors enjoy various fun activities, including fishing, water sports, running trails on the scenic natural landscape. 

Botanical Garden: Sayen House and Gardens

Smack in the middle of the historic Hamilton Square is the Sayen House. Set on 30 acres, the Gardens is a welcoming natural haven for all. The botanical garden boasts a unique collection of exotic plants and flowers and traces back to 1912. The Sayen family built a magnificent bungalow. They surrounded it with a tasteful selection of plants acquired from their world travels. Most of the plants are from Japan, China, as well as England.

The botanical gardens are open to the public all year round, but they burst in life and color during spring. The Gardens host Hamilton’s annual Azalea Festival on Mother’s Day. The glamourous event features dazzling displays of 250,000 flowering bulbs, azaleas, dogwoods, as well as rhododendron. 

Parks and Recreation: Veterans Park

Set on an expansive 333-acre recreational space, the Veterans is the largest municipal park in Hamilton. It’s also home to the largest playground in New Jersey. It is complete with tennis courts, walking trails, a skate park, a lake, as well as athletic fields. The park also features monuments to honor military veterans and various branches of the US Military. Community events such as Hamilton’s Oktoberfest and Annual Independence Fireworks & Concerts are hosted in the park. 

Things to Do in Hamilton

As the 9th largest municipality in New Jersey, Hamilton melds the charm of an old historic town with all the trimmings of modern living. The township is a hub of activity that’ll keep you busy for days on end at a time. 

Shopping: Hamilton’s Marketplace 

Between the 1 million square foot Hamilton marketplace, retail corridor on Route 33, and Independence Plaza, Hamilton is a shopper’s paradise. The township boasts clothing stores, antique shops, shopping malls, specialty shops, supermarkets, as well as various independent shops. 

Food and Dining: Restaurant Capital of the Region

Hamilton goes by the moniker restaurant capital. This is due to its staggering number of restaurants that cater to every taste and budget consideration. From casual to fine dining, Italian, Indian, French, or Chinese Cuisine, there’s a restaurant offering mouthwatering food. Some of the places to try while in Hamilton include: 

Rat’s Restaurant

Rat’s Restaurant is a perfect, fine-dining destination. It’s named after a fabled character in The Wind in the Willows, a children’s classic. It has rustic fireplaces, seasonal cocktails, country French cuisine, as well as an eclectic drink menu. Rats Restaurant is the most romantic eatery in the region. 

Amaravati Fine Indian Cuisine

The Amaravati Fine Indian Cuisine affords you a chance to explore authentic Indian grandma recipes. Craving for exotic, delicious foods? Order from their house a special menu for some Indo Italian, Indo Chinese, as well as Indo Mexican delights. Besides the delicious curry, you can also snack on delicious Indian pasties from their delightful bakery.

DeLorenzo’s Pizza

Crave a bite of authentic Italian food? DeLorenzo’s Pizza will tantalize your taste buds with a rich offering of genuine Italian cooking. Each meal at this pizzeria feels homemade. From their famous Trenton Tomato Pies to homemade soups topped with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. This family-owned eatery is your home away from home as Rick and Mary, the couple who run the pizzeria, treat everyone like family. DeLorenzo’s Pizza also fuses authentic Italian food with warm Italian hospitality. Better yet, you can bring your own wine or beer.

Golfing: Hamilton Golf Center

The center caters to the needs of golfing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Visitors can enjoy an affordable round of golf on its 40 tee driving range. The miniature 18-hole golf course makes golfing a family-friendly affair. Beginners can sign up for lessons, while established golfers can practice their short game on the Putting Green. 

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