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Let’s Take a Town Tour of Bordentown, New Jersey

Bordentown, New Jersey, is located in northern Burlington County at the intersection of Routes 206 and 130. The town is not only rich in historical sites but also provides residents with a trendy neighborhood.

Bordentown Township has a population of around 11,967 people. It provides inhabitants with a sparse suburban atmosphere, and the majority of homeowners own their houses. The township is home to many families and young professionals.


Bordentown Township is New Jersey’s finest location to live! It is strategically located near NJ Turnpike Exit #7, 60 minutes south of Staten Island, 60 minutes to the Jersey Shore, 40 minutes to Philadelphia, and 20 minutes to Princeton and US Route 1.


Thomas Farnsworth, an English Quaker, came upriver from Burlington in 1682 to build a new house for his family on a windswept hill overlooking a large bend in the Delaware River. Farnsworth Landing eventually became the region’s commercial hub. The settlement was named after Joseph Borden, who came in 1717.

By May 1740, he had a network of stagecoaches as well as boats connecting New York and Philadelphia. The neighborhood became a beehive of revolutionary enthusiasm with the presence of patriots Francis Hopkinson, Colonel Kirkbride, Colonel Hoagland, as well as Thomas Paine. The Hessians seized the town in 1776, and the British pillaged and destroyed it in May and June of 1778.

This little city with a lot of charms’ renovated commercial center provides visitors with a nice distraction. Many fascinating stores and restaurants as well as friendly and caring people are housed amid the town’s magnificent and historically significant architecture.

Things to See in Bordentown

Bordentown, New Jersey, has a plethora of intriguing things to do. Many of these attractions are connected to outdoor sports and recreation in the region.

The following are some of the more well-known attractions to see while in the area:

Nature: Abbott Marshlands

The Abbott Marshlands are located in Lenapehoking, the Lenape’s traditional and ancient homeland. We honor the Lenape’s past, present, and future, as well as their ongoing cultural legacy and relationship to our area.

The Marshlands are about 3000 acres of open space in central New Jersey between Trenton and Bordentown, next to the Delaware River. Many different plants and animals live in their various environments, including freshwater tidal and non-tidal marshes and swamps, ponds, as well as woods.

Bordentown Beach

Bordentown Beach is the ideal location for fun activities and relaxing while taking in the breathtaking views of the river. The beach is surrounded by shops, restaurants, as well as small enterprises in a historic river city. You may also go boating or fishing here.

Bordentown Beach attracts many people during the Bordentown RiverFest, one of the most popular events here. You may bring your friends and family here for a lovely small picnic or simply a stroll. There is plenty of parking available, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Hiking Trail: Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

The 70-mile Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park is a popular recreational corridor in central New Jersey for canoeing, running, hiking, bicycling, fishing, as well as horseback riding. The canal and park are both connected to the National Recreation Trail System. 

This linear park also serves as an important wildlife corridor, linking farms and woods. A recent bird study in the park identified 160 species, about 90 of which nested there.

The feeder canal’s upper section parallels the Delaware River through historic New Jersey communities, including Frenchtown, Stockton, as well as Lambertville. The main canal continues through the Port Mercer bridge tender’s residence, through the beautiful communities of Kingston and Griggstown, and ends in New Brunswick.

Canoes may be hired from concessionaires at Griggstown and Princeton. Visitors to the park will find a lot to see, do, and explore. So check out the website, then pack your hiking boots, grab your mountain bike, or attach your kayak to the car and plan a day trip to the D&R Canal State Park.

Things to Do in Bordentown

Smaller cities have a distinct personality that larger cities lack. Explore the greatest attractions in Bordentown with some popular tours and day trips, or browse our selection of entertaining Bordentown activities.

Here are some fascinating things to do in Bordentown that will convince you that larger isn’t always better:

The Record Collector

By day, it’s a record store, and by night, it’s a live music venue! They have over 100,000 LPs and thousands of 7-inch singles, Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, as well as novelty items. Music is a form of passion, and the Record Collector takes delight in providing you the greatest vinyl records and various listening formats available.

Historical Walking Tour Guide in Bordentown, NJ

Nothing like a free walking tour when it comes to seeing a new city while on vacation. Visiting historical monuments, hearing real anecdotes, as well as uncovering hidden jewels only locals know allow you to cover many territories and enhance your understanding of a city in only a few hours.

There is also free parking in the area behind the bar and along Farnsworth Ave. Those who park further out can also take advantage of the free downtown shuttle!

Randy Now’s Man Cave

Randy Now and his store are exactly what small communities require. His knowledge of local and national recording artists is great, and his popularity ranges widely. He hosts performers to play at his business throughout the year, with a sell-out audience always expected. His business is packed with items that, as a baby boomer, we all fondly recall from our youth. It will be a pity not to visit the Man Cave if you are in Bordentown. You and your family would undoubtedly benefit from the experience.

Places to Eat

Marcello’s Coal Fired Restaurant & Pizza

Marcello’s Restaurant has become a Bordentown, NJ eating destination. Loyal customers and families come here for the nice ambiance, delicious food, as well as excellent service. You and your family should go to Marcello’s Restaurant to see what they have to offer.

Jimmy’s American Grill

Jimmy’s American Grill provides customers with a unique eating experience. Guests at Jimmy’s American Grill can sit in the main dining room, the private bar area, or the outside patio.

They have a diverse menu that includes freshly produced meals that are masters at tantalizing your taste buds. Try their pizza, certified Angus burgers, wings, fall off the bone baby back ribs, and much more!

Mastoris Diner and Restaurant

The iconic Mastoris Restaurant has been a fixture in the Bordentown, New Jersey neighborhood for more than a half-century. Customers have praised its legendary servings, incredible choice of quality cuisine, and, of course, its World-Famous Cheese and Cinnamon Bread and Bakery.

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