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Let’s Take a Town Tour of Clinton, New Jersey

Of all Hunterdon County, Clinton, New Jersey is considered to be amongst the most picturesque areas. Most locals believe that the small town is attractive and charming. Thanks to the incredible views that the natural physical features such as the Raritan River offer.

As of 2020, Clinton had a population of 2,683. Since the last census held in 2010, the city has been witnessing a population decrease of -1.32%. It has a population density of 1,993 per square mile, with an average income for most households in the city being $132,541. This puts the town’s poverty rate at 5.37%.

Clinton also hosts the great Red Mill building, one of the most photographed in the state. From the museums to the outdoor recreation centers, this small town continues to charm the natives as well as attract foreigners.


The town is located in Hunterdon County, which is located in the Western section of the U.S state of New Jersey. It is located on the South Branch of the Raritan River, found in the greater Raritan Valley. The distance between Clinton, New Jersey, to New York is about 53 miles, equivalent to 85 km.


Clinton’s history is rich and long; this probably explains why the natives cherish it. They consider it a haven where they can shop and stay together as a close, tight-knit family. In fact, the establishment of Clinton town chronicles the establishment of a crossroads hamlet on a big turnpike, which grew in the 1840s.

As time went by, the district grew through the post-Victorian era. It attracted miners who worked at the quarry throughout this time, which was facilitated by the large limestone cliffs. Soon after, entrepreneurs joined the thread, making the town a trading one.

The original inhabitants of Clinton town were Englishmen. However, the Irish soon joined and helped in developing the town. Agriculture was also highly encouraged, with the Mill Center taking center stage. Today, Clinton City is considered vastly as a cultural center as well as a major tourist attraction.


Things to Do in Clinton

Whether you are a local or a visitor, you cannot claim to have been to Clinton, New Jersey, if you have not done the following:

1. Watch the Clinton Area Stage Troupe Perform

If you are into art and would love to watch a stage play, the Clinton Area Stage Troupe has your back. The troop focuses on showcasing different shows that are kid-friendly. These include musicals and fairy tales, such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, a Girl and Her Dad, as well as The Enchanted Castle.

2. Spruce Run Recreation Area

The Spruce Run Recreation Area is a perfect example if you want to experience nature at its optimum best. Surrounded by Hunterdon County’s rolling hills, this popular destination is a favorite for natives who love to camp, attend boating activities, picnicking, and love swimming.

Covering a stunning 1,290 acres, the Spruce Run Reservoir has a surface area to accommodate any water activity that you can think of. If you are not enjoying yourself with water activities, you can take advantage of the playgrounds as well as basketball courts available around this scenic area to go about your hobbies.

3. Visited the Red Mill

The Red Mill is considered to be the greatest grist mill at the time. It also served as a granite and talk mill, which made it very popular not only for the natives but also for the wider regions of the country. Today, the famous Red Mill is now a historic site; it ranks as one of the most photographed buildings in New Jersey.

Apart from the building itself, the Red Mill region occupies 10-acre land, hosting the great Hunterdon Historical Museum. At the museum, you can find over 40,000 artifacts. These artifacts range from agricultural to industrial as well as domestic ones.

Visiting this region comes with a lot of fun because you do not have a tour guide or any other special professional to show you around. Instead, you can go on a self-guided adventure in a log cabin, replica schoolhouse, or a blacksmith’s house, depending on your preferences.

While at it, watch out for movie nights (some of them are free), winter village events, ghost tours, as well as other fun programs to spruce up your visit.

4. Clinton Station Diner

If you are a Clinton native and have ever been to the busy west on I-78, you must have noticed the ever-present Clinton Station Diner. Here, you can grab a bite of your favorite meal right on the Blue Comet’s Biela observation car.

If you are in for some fun, you can incorporate your family into a feasting competition. Here, the test is to see who can finish the giant burgers that are always available to serve.

5. Visit the Hunterdon Art Museum

Back to the historical sites! If you love to explore and want your kids to have fun, the Hunterdon Art Museum is a must-visit. With more than 300 classes and plenty of workshops, visiting this museum can be fun for both adults and children. Amongst other things, you and your children can engage in fun activities such as photography, drawing, as well as glass fusing. The environment is also perfect for holding birthday events and other significant occasions.

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