Real EstateReal Estate Tips December 2, 2020

4 Tip to Sell Your Home During the Winter

Selling a house during the winter months is known for being notoriously difficult. As the snow starts to fall, most people lose interest in touring properties. However, even though selling a house in the winter season is harder, sometimes the circumstances or the right buyers might demand it. So, whether you need the money urgently or have a job opportunity waiting for you in another city, the following strategies will help you close a sale before the winter is over.


1. Clear the snow from your walkway and steps

Despite it being necessary to receive visitors, many homeowners shy away from shoveling their front due to its physically demanding nature. However, without a clear path to your house, potential buyers might feel inclined to look for a more welcoming place. You can make your home seem much more inviting by just keeping your walks, steps, driveway, and decks clear of snow, and sprinkle a layer of salt or sand over them so that potential buyers can walk around safely without slipping.

2. Make your house glow

Don’t let the cold season’s gloom ruin your home’s atmosphere. Instead, make sure you pull up the blinds, push the drapes back, and turn on every light in your house. Days are shorter during the winter, so your home must be well-lighted even when you’re away. Potential buyers are more likely to stop at your house if it’s well-lighted. So, if it’s within your means, consider adding spotlights to your front and setting a timer for your lights just in case anyone who might be interested passes by.

3. Turn the heat up

Keeping your home warm through the winter will give your visitors the perfect excuse to linger in it – especially if the alternative is a long walk home. When setting your thermostat, you want the temperature to stay a degree or two higher than normal and then change it once the visitors arrive. Using this method, the house will stay warm without having the heater kick in while your visitors tour your rooms. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to light your fireplace, pull-up some warm chocolate with cookies, and invite your visitors to sit around the fireplace to negotiate a price with you.

4. Set the mood

When it comes to staging, no amount of detail is too much. When a visitor tours your house your rooms should look cozy, warm, and inviting. There should be nothing on the floor – other than a carpet – and every bed should be made. Your living room should look its best as well. So, make sure you keep it well-lighted and that the dinner table is dressed. And while you’re tidying-up your house, don’t forget to stock your bathrooms with clean towels, plush robes, shampoo, and lotions to evoke the relaxing airs of a modern spa.

While selling a house during the winter may be difficult, the 2020-2021 winter market is very optimistic and there are many buyers currently searching for a home. So long as you stage your house well, keep it well-lighted, and make sure you give a warm touch to it, you might be lucky enough to receive a quick winter sale!



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