Press Release October 20, 2014

Weidel Yard Sales Proceeds Go To Great Cause

Weidel Yard Sales Proceeds Go To Great Cause

The Weidel New Hope/Lambertville Office celebrated another huge success with their annual community yard sale.  In the past, Weidel agents invited the community to purchase $10 tables and set up in the office parking lot for the day.   This year, the Weidel New Hope/Lambertville offices decided to collect donations instead of charging for tables. 

All of the donations collected from the public were given to the students of Lowell Elementary in Philadelphia.  The collection and donations were to help purchase school supplies for the children. 

“It was a great turnout and everyone loved the idea of using the money to help support education, commented Pamela Moore, Manager of the Weidel New Hope/Lambertville office.  The Lowell Elementary students were extremely grateful to get the new school supplies, which made the entire day worthwhile.”  


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