Press Release July 11, 2013

Weidel Thrives with Paperless Transactions

Weidel Thrives with Paperless Transactions


Weidel Realtors has been very successful with their new transaction management system, SkySlope.  The company began using SkySlope in early February and has agents and managers participating with extreme excitement.   

Agents are able to work digitally from anywhere and at any time.  SkySlope is easy to use for both Brokers/Agents.  All real estate transaction documents can be uploaded into the system from any mobile device, email or even fax.

Going paperless in the offices now allows for all documents, emails, listings and transactions to be held in SkySlope’s cloud based management platform that keeps all paperwork organized and secure.  With the technology era, mobile ability is very important to the Real Estate industry.  Agents are able to spend more time with their buyers and sellers and have access to all documents on their smart devices.  

SkySlope also offers a digital signature feature called DigiSign.  This feature allows agents and brokers to get any document or contract signed digitally from anywhere.  This new technology now allows users to send contracts and receive signatures no matter where they are!

“I am excited to finally have a file management system that is user friendly and has 24/hr. support.  This system is extremely beneficial to me because I have access to my files wherever I am.  I can access it through a computer or my iPhone.  Navigating through the system, I have come across some great features like scanning documents all at once and being able to split documents for future access and compliance with missing documents in the checklist.  This is a great tool for each manager to make sure all required documents are uploaded and correct.  I believe this is a giant leap for Weidel Realtors and those who can recognize the benefits of a file management system,” stated Wayne Zelenak, Sales Associate, Weidel Hopewell Valley Office.

“We are so excited to have SkySlope.  At first we weren’t sure how our managers and sales associates would feel about learning a new system, but they have been excelling with the software! Great things are happening here at Weidel Realtors!” commented Brenda Maxfield, Vice President of Weidel Realtors.