Weidel Honors Management Team with Appreciation Lunch

Weidel Honors Management Team with Appreciation Lunch


Richard A. Weidel, CEO, and Brenda Maxfield, Vice President, extended gratitude to their management staff during a Manager Appreciation Luncheon on June 20, held at the Yardley Inn, in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The appreciation lunch was hosted by Brenda Maxfield, Vice President of Weidel Realtors.

“Mr. Weidel and I appreciate all that our management staff do and all of the hard work they put into their offices and agents,” stated Maxfield. 

“The position has proven even more difficult the last seven years of a market slump,” she added.  “They have spent countless hours helping sales associates and clients to get to the closing table.  Contingency issues such as appraisals and inspections have compounded the transaction.” 

“It takes a positive attitude, perseverance, knowledge and expertise to run a successful real estate office and do a stellar job!  They are a fantastic group and the reason I enjoy what I do!” says Maxfield.  

 The lunch was more of a relaxed setting overlooking the beautiful Delaware River.  Each manager was given a comical gift that reflected their personalities and management tactics.  The afternoon was filled with enjoyment and laughter.

 Special recognition was given to four particular managers for their tenure and leadership through the past seven year market challenge.  These managers were awarded with a bouquet of flowers for their commitment to the company.

“These individuals are true assets to the company.  Many have experienced the market slump and have stuck around through it all.  I am honored to work with such amazing people,” stated Mr. Weidel. 


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