Press Release May 9, 2013

Weidel’s Priscilla Waring Honey Hollow Legacy

Weidel's Priscilla Waring Honey Hollow Legacy


The Honey Hollow Watershed Symposium was held on May 4, 2013 at the Bucks County Audubon Society Visitor Center at Honey Hollow.  Free to the public, the symposium was an educational and inspiring experience for all who attended!

The 650 acre watershed lies on the south side of the Delaware River.   The symposium included about a dozen speakers educating the public on how to prevent steam bank erosion, how to improve soil to grow healthier food and plants and how to reduce pollution using your own backyard!  The Honey Hollow Watershed Conservation Area was created in 1939, with the aim to inspire new generations on how to help with pollution and learn about natural resources.

“The Honey Hollow Watershed Symposium was a great way to educate the public on improving the soil and how to protect water resources,” said Brenda Maxfield, Vice President of Weidel Realtors.  “It is important to preserve the environment and educate the younger generations on how to do so.”

Weidel Associate, Priscilla A. Waring, of the Weidel Princeton office has a personal connection to the Honey Hollow Watershed Symposium through her grandfather, P. Alston Waring (pictured below).  In 1969, Mr. Waring was included in the declaration of Honey Hollow Watershed being named a National Historic Landmark which prevented the Philadelphia Electric Company from running a high power line directly through the middle and also prevented the 202 Expressway to be run through the conservation.  Both were re-routed to spare Honey Hollow, which allowed Honey Hollow Watershed to be transformed into a nature preserve and education center for conservation. 

“I am the only surviving grand-daughter of P.Alston Waring who witnessed the accomplishment of Honey Hollow Watershed becoming a National Historic Landmark dedicated to conservation,” commented Priscilla A. Waring.

“I am extremely passionate about the environment,” stated Richard A. Weidel, CEO of Weidel Realtors.  “It is truly amazing that one of our sales associates has such a personal connection to Honey Hollow. Priscilla is still involved in the Audubon Society which shows her passion and dedication to continue the education and awareness of Honey Hollow and its history.”

Would you like to learn more about the Honey Hollow Watershed Symposium? Contact the Weidel Princeton office at 609-921-2700 to speak with Priscilla Waring directly or you can email her at