Press Release February 20, 2013

Weidel Launches New Transaction Management System

Weidel Launches New Transaction Management System


Richard A. Weidel, CEO, and Brenda Maxfield, Vice President of Weidel Realtors are pleased to announce the launch of SkySlope. SkySlope is an online real estate transaction management program.

SkySlope is easy to use for both Brokers/Agents.  All real estate transaction documents can be uploaded into the system from any mobile device, email or even fax. 

“With the new SkySlope program, agents now have 24/7 access to their documents at any place or time! Mobile ability is important in this technology era, because everyone always seems to be on the go.  SkySlope will allow sales associates to be 100% mobile so they can spend more time with clients and less time on paperwork.  Also, with the addition of Digi-Sign, associates have the capability to obtain signatures digitally,” commented Ms. Maxfield.    

Going paperless in the offices now allows for all documents, emails, listings and transactions to be held in SkySlope’s cloud based management platform that keeps all paperwork organized and secure.

“We are very excited about bringing aboard a new program that will help the company become paperless.  SkySlope takes all of the communications between the buyer, seller, mortgage lender, brokerage and any other party involved in a transaction and stores it digitally.   We are extremely passionate about the environment and having paperless transaction management is a great way to “go green,” commented Mr. Weidel.